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Gmail for Android could become a hub for all your email accounts

A leaked video spotted by Android Police appears to show sweeping changes for Gmail 5.0 on Android, including integration with Yahoo, Microsoft and other email services. We say “appears,” because the strangely formatted video came from an anonymous… http://dlvr.it/7GDq7C

'Doctor Who' will soon teach kids how to code

The BBC is tapping everyone’s favorite time-traveling doctor to help get kids into coding. The broadcaster is launching The Doctor and the Dalek, a Doctor Who-themed game that features a number of puzzles designed to instill the fundamentals of… http://dlvr.it/7GCBqJ

Ello has notifications and the ability to mute that annoying ‘friend,’ too

The newest social network on the block, Ello, has a shiny trick up its sleeve. Next time you log in, you should see a change to how notifications are handled now. Instead of cluttering your Friends and Noise feeds with call-outs about invites,… http://dlvr.it/7G9ZJr

Researcher finds a way to mimic curves in space-time

Here on Earth, it’s rather difficult to replicate curved space-time — to get that kind of effect in nature, you’d have to get uncomfortably close to black holes and other distant space objects. However, researcher Nikodem Szpak may have found a way… http://dlvr.it/7G7zbx

UK wants tougher prison sentences for internet trolls

Online harassers in the UK may soon face much harsher consequences for their scare tactics. Justice Secretary Chris Grayling tells the Daily Mail that a newly proposed measure will let magistrates send cases of internet abuse and threats to crown… http://dlvr.it/7G5XYM

NASA records Falcon 9 rocket’s descent as research for Mars landings

NASA wants to refine the ability of future spacecraft to land on Mars, since they’ll have to ferry humans and other large payloads to the red planet. To that end, the agency has teamed up with SpaceX to record thermal camera footage of the Falcon 9… http://dlvr.it/7G30BM

A Microsoft smartwatch could appear in weeks

Do you remember Spot? Well, that was Microsoft’s very early smartwatch effort, lost in the mists of bygone technology. Finally, a long time coming, a more modern effort from the company is apparently on its way— and coming soon. According to Forbes’… http://dlvr.it/7G26rK

Dyson tackles the humidifier, kills water-based bacteria with UV light

In a launch presentation in Tokyo, Japan (apparently the company’s favorite place for new product launches), Dyson tackled the surprisingly sketchy hygiene issues that come with more typical humidifiers. To prove how gosh-darn better Dyson’s Hygienic… http://dlvr.it/7G26kn

Google gives you the tools to build apps for Android 5.0 Lollipop

The official Android 5.0 Lollipop upgrade for your phone may be weeks away, but Google has delivered all the ingredients for you to make Lollipop-ready apps. The search firm has released both the finished Lollipop developer kit and a fresh batch of… http://dlvr.it/7G19lJ

Fitbit’s new wearable looks like a watch, crams in GPS and a heart rate monitor

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new Fitbit product, but according to a leak obtained at The Verge, that’s because the company’s been working on something a little special. The Fitbit Surge is a “fitness superwatch” that houses two must-haves for… http://dlvr.it/7G0CVK

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