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Uber banned across Germany

Despite putting the brakes on injunctions in both Berlin and Hamburg, Uber has once again felt the effects of a ban, but this time it’s effective on a national level. Earlier today, a court in Frankfurt ruled that the car-hailing service doesn’t have… http://dlvr.it/6nj36d

You can now unplug Sonos kit from the router

Sonos has made a name for itself as a wireless home audio system. The problem is — up until today — that you still needed to plug something into the router (one of your speakers, or a “Bridge” device). What’s new today? Sonos has come good on its… http://dlvr.it/6nhLVh

Now TV comes to the Chromecast

Ever since Now TV launched, subscribers have cried out for Sky to include support for more streaming devices. Today, the company answered some of its critics by announcing that it’s built Chromecast functionality into its Now TV apps on both iOS and… http://dlvr.it/6nhLQX

Digitsole’s smart insoles keep your tootsies warm as you walk

Most people believe that wrist-worn wearables are technology’s next frontier, but only one company that we know of has thought about our feet. Today, that number increases to two, now that Digitsole has announced an interactive insole that’s designed… http://dlvr.it/6nhLHJ

Sony’s next smartphone-mounted camera will take interchangeable lenses

If you’re looking to be the king of Instagram, Sony’s about to give you the ultimate smartphone weapon, judging by a leak from Xperia Blog. The site posted several images showing the Sony ILCE-QX1, a lens camera system that’d work with… http://dlvr.it/6nft42

Philips’ Hue Beyond brings smart lighting to lamps and table lights

Here’s a thing that we learned today: an enclosed light fitting, like a table lamp or a pendant light is technically called a luminaire. The reason that we now know this, is because that’s the phrase Philips is using to describe the latest addition… http://dlvr.it/6ndNnv

NASA explains why you won’t get a drone delivery anytime soon

Delivery drones are great at exactly one job right now: generating buzz. However, NASA has told the New York Times that actual widget-shipping drones from Amazon or Google are still far in the future. And the space agency should know: it has taken on… http://dlvr.it/6ndNfx

Photos show Sony’s Xperia Z3 compact is (another) chip off the old block

To say that Sony’s Xperia devices have become a bit… “samey” would be an understatement. If the picture above is anything to go by, don’t expect that trend to change any time soon. The snaps (more at the source) show what is claimed to be the… http://dlvr.it/6nbrjS

BBC launches kid coding lessons as schools increase focus on computing

This week marks a new chapter in how computing is taught in Britain’s schools, with children as young as five learning how to code as part of the government’s new national curriculum. With the help of hardware like the Raspberry Pi, schools are… http://dlvr.it/6nZLBS

Samsung coats its new smartwatch in Swarovski crystal, so now you’ll want it

LG’s not the only electronics maker hoping a scattering of Swarovski will add… something to its products. Not far behind, Samsung now has the Gear S Strap, an accessory ready to pair to its just-announced (and again, just after LG) wearable. If… http://dlvr.it/6nZL77

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